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Madhav Mahajan Takes To Learning Rapping During The Lockdown


Jyothi Venkatesh

The situation is getting worse and even though services are getting to normalcy it’s not safe out there. Madhav is using this time away from the hustle to learn rapping and it would be another chinx in his armour as a musician. Madhav has true love for many art forms and he is putting them into practice.

Says Madhav on the love for rapping “Rapping is something that has caught up in our culture very rapidly in the last two years specially after gully boy. It’s been in the west for a long time. The most popular musicians and the chartbusters are from rappers be it kanye, Eminem or snoop Dogg. I am taking to it and it’s unbelievably crazy. I wish I learned it earlier but there is a time for everything. Using this time to the best to learn this cool art form. As a musician it will also increase my repertoire.”

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