MahaVastu expert Khushdeep Bansal to offer free Vastu advice and engage in interactions in Mumbai

By Bollyy
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This 27th August, Vastu Shastri expert Khushdeep Bansal is conducting an in-person interaction in Mumbai. The event will be held at the Celebrations Club in Mumbai.
“The objective of such events is to serve the masses with our knowledge tools. There are many people who wish to get advice for important decisions and they are not able to reach Delhi but they are continuously requesting we come to their city, so that they can meet me and get advice. The only objective is to give them some piece of advice for their wellness, career and for their health,” he says.
He adds, “If someone wants to attend, there is free advice in Mumbai. And for the upcoming event, they can go to the website and there is a form they can fill and the team will be in touch with them to get more details. Then, certainly, they can meet.”
 Khushdeep Bansal
Talking about his experience of interacting with Mumbaikers, he says, “Dealing with Mumbaikers is always a pleasure. It's really a privilege for me to serve the people of Maharashtra because Maharashtra is my Gurubhumi. When someone calls me from Maharashtra. I feel blessed. So, my experience with Mumbaikers is excellent. They are so warm and considerate. They believe in the magic of Hindu architecture and Vastu Shastra. Due to attacks of invaders in the north. The North has lost touch with its cultural roots. So now there is this mixture of values, influenced by the invaders. But Maharashtra has the purity of values that their roots offer. Cultural knowledge, the Indian knowledge system is deeper in Maharashtra. So, my experience of working in Maharashtra, particularly working with Mumbaikers is always great.”
Talking about what one must keep in mind while designing our home, he says, “I think there are a couple of important things that one should keep in mind while living in Mumbai. Mumbai is the financial capital of our country and, in fact, I would say Mumbai has the bigger blessing of Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth. And also, the god of wisdom Lord Ganesha. So one must have Ganesha in the north-east of Mumbai. Then your perception, your thinking, and your clarity will be all-together different about life and how to deal with it. Lord Ganesha is Vignaharta, he is the remover of all the hindrances. So, keeping Ganesha in the northeast always gives you insights for all wisdom to cope with life situations. The second most important symbol and statue is of the goddess, Lakshmi. The goddess of wealth. If you are keeping Goddess Lakshmi alone, then placement should be in the south-east. South-east is also the direction of the planet Venus. In a way the goddess Lakshmi is also the Goddess of planet Venus. When one is placing goddess Lakshmi and lord Vishnu, then one should place the statues in the west. So, the placement of these three important statues brings more wisdom, more fortune, and wealth. So, these are a couple of important things, particularly for the people who are living in West India and particularly in Mumbai.”


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