Mahi Srivastava steals the show with Shivani Singh's explosive Bhojpuri folk song 'Fas Jaib Doosra Se'

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Bhojpuri folk song 'Fas Jaib Doosra Se
Singer Shivani Singh has achieved a big position in the world of Bhojpuri music in a short time with her loud voice. The songs sung in his melodious voice are liked a lot. Meanwhile, popular actress Mahi Srivastava, who makes everyone crazy with her style, expressions and amazing dance moves, needs no introduction today. In such a situation, whenever a song by the duo of singer Shivani Singh and actress Mahi Srivastava comes in the music world, it is immediately accepted.
Bhojpuri folk song 'Fas Jaib Doosra Se
His songs are often released from Worldwide Records, which are very much liked. In this series, Bhojpuri folk song 'Fas Jaib Doosra Se' sung in the melodious voice of singer Shivani Singh has been released on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. In whose video Mahi Srivastava has done an amazing performance. Mahi Srivastava is looking very beautiful, wearing pink colored lehenga and colored full blouse, heavy jewelery around her neck and long hair, Gajra in her long braid.
Bhojpuri folk song 'Fas Jaib Doosra Se
And they are looting the gathering by dancing vigorously. The sequence of this song has been made very cute. In the video, it is seen that Mahi Srivastava is seen making up with her friends in a luxurious mansion and saying, 'Raja ji ho tohari rahaniya, dekhi dekhi dahkela kania, are ghan hamar rang na ghotata, lagela jahar lekha paniya. , Savati patwela bada rokra se, tu jaake fasba je okra se, humhu fasab kavano chokra se...'
Bhojpuri folk song 'Fas Jaib Doosra Se
Ratnakar Kumar is the producer of Bhojpuri folk song 'Phas Jaib Doosra Se' presented by Worldwide Records. Singer Shivani Singh has captivated everyone by singing this song, while actress Mahi Srivastava has shown her beauty. As much as the audio of the song is pleasing to the ears, its video is equally excellent. This song has been written by lyricist Ashutosh Tiwari, composer Priyanshu Singh has given melodious music. Video director is Vijhel, choreographer is Goldie Jaiswal, DOP is Rajan Verma. All rights of this song are with Worldwide Records.
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