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Malhar Pandya Currently Seen In Tv Show Aghori Visits Angareshwar Temple


Jyothi Venkatesh

Malhar Pandya visited Indore recently and had an amazing time there. The actor, whose wife is from Indore, has been there several times before and really connects to the place. “I went to Angareshwar and did a pooja over there. The speciality of this temple is that the Shivling gets inside the water in the evening and in the morning, it comes out. I have been there before but this was the first time that I did puja. I completed 6 hours of pooja in Angareshwar without any difficulties,” he says.There are other spots in and around Indore which Malhar loves as well. “Mahakaleshwar Temple which is in Ujjain, one hour away from Indore is another favourite spot of mine. I can’t say frequently, but once or twice in a year, I visit it,” he says.Ask him if people recognised him on this trip, and he says, ‘Not exactly, because I put a handkerchief on my face as people there are really addicted to TV Serials. Without security, it’s very tough for actors to roam around there.”Ask him what he asked from Lord Shiva, and he says, “I just ask from every god that gives me so much power that I don’t do bad with anyone, even by mistake. The rest depends upon the luck so there is no need to ask for anything else.”

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