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Malhar Pandya Has A Rocking Birthday This Year!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Malhar Pandya, who turned a year older recently, had a fun- filled birthday. The actor planned to visit an amusement park near Mumbai but ended up going to a lounge instead. “I wanted to go to Imagica as I love to go to amusement parks. They are full of fun and adventure. My friends and I decided a few days back to go there. And so everyone took an off for my birthday. My best friend came from Ahmedabad. But we realized a day before that the Ayodhya verdict was due the next day and it wouldn’t be advisable to travel. So we decided to drop the plan and in the evening my friends gave me a surprise and we chilled at a lounge,” he says.  Accompanying him was his wife Priya Patidar, a playback singer, his childhood best friend Arpit Patel, Poonam  Preet, Sanjay Gagnani, Sunny Chohan,  Rupesh Sonar, Abhishek Bajaj,  Zaan Khan and Zeeshan Khan.Ask him what he gifted himself, and he says, “Actually, I gifted my self some gym clothes. I am a person who is more into like fitness and workout, so these kinds of thing are more useful to me.”Although his plan got changed, this was the best birthday for Malhar. “I was sad when our plan got dropped but at night when I got a surprise party, I was so happy. It was the most thrilling birthday,” he says. Birthdays mean a lot to Malhar. “Every birthday reminds you that you are becoming old, so do something fun which makes you happy. Five-six years back, I had a thought about why people celebrate their birthdays since one year is cut from your life. But I realized that as time passes by, you get a sense of maturity and you realize that this is the circle of life,” he says.

Zaan khan and Zeeshan khan
sunny chohan
Sanjay Gaganani
Priya Patidar
Poonam preet

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