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Malhar Pandya Is Very Happy To Play Indra In Aghori 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Malhar Pandya, who is part of the show Aghori, is confident that it will be loved by the audience. The actor adds that he loves his character. “My expectations are really high because the character which I have got is like my dream character. It’s like a superhero as he has got powers and all, it somewhat reminds me of Hulk. Today’s generation would definitely like it. I am working out since long as it’s my passion and here I have got an opportunity to show my physique and talent and I am really grateful to Zee TV and the production house who gave me a chance to prove myself. I am very happy playing Indra in Aghori,” he says. Ask him if he relates to his character, and he says, “I do not really relate to it because my character Indra is jealous of others and in real life I am not at all like that. I really don’t care who is doing what in life, I am happy with what I have in my own world. In fact, if someone is doing well in their life, I get happy for them. It gives me a proud feeling that my friends or relatives are doing so well in life.”

Malhar Pandya (7)Talking about his physique, he says, “It’s all about diet. In films, you get time to develop a particular character or built up a particular kind of physic, at least you get 15-20 days for it. A daily soap, on the other hand, is challenging because you don’t get as much as time you get for films. Every single day I work out before going on the set.  I am following a proper diet. I am playing Aghori, so according to that, his building had to be a little bulky and a little chiseled, so I have to manage that. During the shoot, following a diet is a little difficult because of every day, if I have a 9 am shift so I usually wake up at 4.30 am and cook my whole day’s food. I pack my bag for the whole day, so that takes a lot of time and energy.”However, the actor doesn’t feel that having six-pack abs is a necessity in TV “I don’t think so because six packs are something which cannot be maintained for a long time and not at all after, 15 to 16 years because hormones change and that’s why it cannot be maintained. If you diet properly, it will be maintained but you cannot diet for a long time as then it gets you irritated because our body needs junk food at times,” he says.

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