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Manoto Tv From Iran Is Here On The Trail Of Mandana Karimi


Jyothi Venkatesh

Manoto TV is a leading content and media brand based out of London who create content for Iranians across the world. They have been interviewing famous personalities from Iran. They will be here in India to interview actor model entrepreneur Mandana Karimi, who gained fame with the film Kya Kool Hain Hum 3, Bhaag Johnny and Main Aur Charles but became a household name with Bigg Boss 9. ManotoTV is a leading media house and they have done some path breaking content and the numbers are sheer joy to watch. They have more than 166mn views on their YouTube channel and a followership close to 6 mn on instagram and Facebook combined. They will be covering the life of Mandana Karimi. Mandana exults, “I am super excited to feature on ManotoTV. They are a huge media house back in Iran and they are famous for making great content and they work with people who push the boundaries. So it’s an absolute honour and joy to be featuring in Manoto. Its will be tailor made for the Iranians and I am very happy that they would get to know about me and my journey. If I can inspire even one life I would be happy”.

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