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Marathi Film ‘Darling’ Motion Poster Unveiled On Social Media


Jyothi venkatesh

In the world of Cinema, two renowned names come together with the burning desire to create something that is out of the box and win every one’s hearts and Marathi Cinema is no exception to the rule. Even today there are many duos who have come up with different projects and conquered the hearts of the audiences. Now a renowned director and a prolific producer are coming together to win your hearts with a film like Darling which has been designed for those who love cinema- Sameer Asha Patil whose name every one in Maharashtra knows and Ajay Thakur who has earned a name as a producer with several brilliant films.

If Sameer Asha Patil has made several films which belong to different genres, Ajay Thakur has to his credit quiet a few entertainment orient films which deliver a pertinent message too. It would not be out of place to mention that two different people are coming together with the same avowed mission of providing wholesome entertainment to the audiences with their film together. With films like Chaurya, Yantam and Wagherya, director Sameer Asha Patil has made an attempt to provide realistic films which also entertain you an make you think, while Ajay Thakur , with films like Taani, Phuntroo and Takatak has made an attempt to blend reality with the world of entertainment in a novel manner.No wonder the curiosity to know what the duo has set out to do has increased with the announcement of their latest film Darling.

The motion poster of the film Darling has been unveiled on the social media. Amit Dhupe, Ajay Thakur, V.J. Shalaka and Nikhil Khajindar have produced the film Darling under the banner of 7 Horse Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., V. Patke Films and Kathakar Motion Pictures. As of now the names of the cast and credits of the film have been kept in secret in abeyance. Looking at the unique poster of the film, there is no doubt that director Sameer Asha Patil will spring us a pleasant surprise with not only his subject but also the star cast in his film. Sameer Asha Patil says that more details about the star cast of the film as well as the technical crew will be divulged shortly.

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