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Jyothi Venkatesh

Since, it has been a long time that we’ve met our best friend and are already missing them dearly, let’s start marking our calendars because its ‘BFF’s Day’ next week. If you haven’t planned anything yet,  leave it to us!  We’ve got you covered with some simple recommendations to turn your day into a happening one in no time! Since social

distancing is a mandate we all need to follow, stepping out is totally out of option. But Hey! Cheer up, just hang on till the end and we are sure you can get away trying our suggestions to show your best friend how badly you miss them.

Digital card and collage

 From staying up all night for those endless gossip sessions over a coffee to your fun outings, it’s time to go through your entire phone album today. Gather those best memories, some can be slightly embarrassing ones too, anything that could make you bestie ROFL. There are a plenty of collage and card making apps online, it’s surely an easy one to pull off. So put your mind on thinking of all the messages that will make that special one feel even more special.

Maskfie with your Bestie

 Are you missing your spa sessions with your buddy? Then go grab your favourite sheet masks and get on a video call with your best friend. You can also try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Sheet Masks, perfect for an instant glow. Sheet masks are mini spas packed with the goodness of potent ingredients to rejuvenate your skin in just a few minutes. So no need to get nostalgic over your spa tours, because two sheet masks are all you both need to feel that extra pampering.

Deliver a Smile

 With apps delivering at your doorstep, get your BFF something special online. Skincare, makeup, fitness equipment or a good option to choose from, make sure it’s customised to add that special touch. An entertainment subscription will do the trick just right if your bestie is a Netflix or for that matter Amazon Prime Video buff. Add on a snack to be delivered and you’re home!

24 Friendship Notes

 Want to make them feel extra special? Try sending a note every hour. It can be a funny memory from the past or a few words to make them feel you are always there. It could be just a line or two, but we assure you, your bestie would keep checking his/her phone every hour, giggling till they receive the next note.

Facetime Date

 Its already been a long time that you both got decked up for a night out and catching up on each other in your pajamas is no fun right? So, go ahead and plan a date, select a theme, and put on your glam look for the night! For our minimal and effortless beauties, we suggest sticking to a flawless yet light base with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, some tinted lip gloss for hydration and color, finally finishing off with a generous coat of the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara. If you are that outrageous pair, who lives and breathes drama, some bold lip color like the Rouge Signature in the shade I Am Worth It is a must. You can always adjust your makeup according to your liking but make sure you have a lot of fun, load up on your favourite snacks, and screengrab your date for some exciting social media feed.

Make a Difference, Together

 Lastly, as we know times are critical, there are a lot of people in need out there. So, from this year on, celebrate your friendship by coming together for a cause. There are several NGO’s and organizations who are raising funds or providing necessities to the needy. You can always plan something with your best friend that will make a difference to someone’s life. A little donation to an old age home or even a video call with kids from orphanage to cheer them up. There’s a lot that can be done so make sure you celebrate this day by bringing a smile on someone’s face, including your own

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