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Ultimate fashion icon Masaba Gupta launches her YouTube channel


If the trollers think they can covertly get away after passing lewd and degrading comments at somebody, they are certainly mistaken. Masaba Gupta has given these disgusting netizens a good blow and well, it's not something they'd ever be able to forget. In an open letter addressing all the sordid remarks that were made at her, Masaba Gupta, the 28-year-old ace designer, gave it back to the trollers and how!

It all began with her being in favor of the ban on the sale of firecrackers. Out of nowhere Masaba was attacked and ceaselessly trolled for being an 'illegitimate' and 'bas****' child. Being the independent and self-made woman she is, Masaba is certainly not one of those who'd let people babble about nonsense about her. With utmost grace and dignity, she retorted back to all the haters.

There is absolutely nothing that can steal this wonderful woman's charm and talent! Way to go girl! We are supremely proud of you!

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