MC Stan's votes were fake, computer-generated by bots: Colors should launch investigation, demands Rayya Labib

By Team Bollyy
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Speaking to some news persons in Mumbai on Tuesday, actor Rayya Labib said the so-called 15 million votes that MC Stan got on the Voot App were fake and computer-generated by bots or artificial programs. She also demanded an investigation by Colors to find out how fake votes and members were generated on the system.

"Some fans of MC Stan who are tech savvy have managed to spook and scam the system. The software and Apps were hacked. I think Priyanka Chaudhary deserved to be the winner. It is not about who the winner is, but using technology to generate fake votes, shares, likes and followers should be prohibited by the channel and the makers of Bigg Boss, because in such cases hackers can generate the maximum number of votes," Rayya claimed.

There is also a rumour doing the rounds that MC Stan was called out at the Third place to be eliminated, but since there was a crowd of MC Stan fans outside the sets/compound and the makers did not want a law and order problem, they sent Stan back inside and Priyanka was called out and her name announced at the third place as being eliminated, Rayya said.

However, Priyanka in an interview post her eviction has said that she was the only one called out at third place and Stan and Shiv came out afterward.

However, Rayya is not convinced and has demanded a forensic and technical audit of all the voting systems and platforms that the show employed to reach the winner based on popularity by audience voting.

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