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Recently Ali Zafar is in news for all wrong reasons as singer Meesha Shafi accused him of sexual harassment. After this, more women from Pakistan’s entertainment industry came forward to support the singer and share their stories of the times Ali misbehaved with them.

In a lengthy Twitter post, SInger Shafi had said that she had been subjected to sexual harassment “of a physical nature” at the hands of Zafar on more than one occasion.

Soon after that, Pakistani Journalist Maham Javaid tweeted; “So @itsmeeshashafi’s brave sharing of her experience reminded me of a story about @AliZafarsays from many many years ago, when Ali Zafar tried to kiss my cousin and pull my cousin into a restroom with him. Luckily my cousin’s friends were there to push Ali Zafar off”

“We didn’t even think of telling anyone, apart from friends, or reporting him because ‘he’s a celebrity, no one would possibly care or listen’. And over the years, we forgot the story ourselves, until today. Thanks @itsmeeshashafi for reminding us that our stories matters,” she added in the thread of tweet.

She added that the incidence took place at a Yacht club between 2004-2005.

Make-up artist Leena Ghani also shared her story on social media and posted;

“In the many years I have known Ali, he has on several occasions crossed boundaries of what is appropriate behaviour between friends. I have chosen to ignore it out of respect for his family, but today I feel I must speak my truth in light of recent revelations. His behaviour displays a clear lack of respct for women. Inappropriate contact, groping, sexual comments should not fall in the grey area between humour and indecency… In such cases most women like myself run from such a situation and hope to God you never cross paths again. And when by some misfortune you do, you hide from him. Hoping his sleazy eyes and hands don’t find you again. His hands don’t make their way up a nd down your waist or hold you too tight while you desperately try to wiggle and run…”

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan took to her Twitter account to support women speaking up against harassment and posted; “The sick mentality of those commenting on an issue as serious as sexual harassment as casually as they are just shows where the root of this problem exists – in our minds. We will continue to breed harassers for as long as we continue to desensitise this issue.”

Ali Zafar who is also known actor in Bollywood issued a statement which reads;

“I categorically deny any and all claims of harassment lodged against me by Ms Shafi. I intend to take this through the courts of law and to address this professionally and seriously rather than to lodge any allegations here, contesting personal vendettas on social media and in turn disrespecting the movement, my family, the industry and my fans”.

“Ultimately, I am a strong believer that the truth always prevails,” Zafar had said in a statement posted on twitter.

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