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Meet The Inspiring Women Creators On TikTok


Jyothi Venkatesh

Women play an integral role in our lives. They take up challenging roles and are pillars of strength for many. With their inspiring spirit, they also become our motivational drivers, counsellors, dependable figures and so much more than they get credit for. TikTok, the world’s leading destination for short format videos, acknowledges the inspiring women who are changing the face of society with their work and passion. In line with this, on International Women’s Day, TikTok launched its campaign #WhyJustADay to celebrate and honour the woman spirit every day. The in-app campaign’s aim was to spark a conversation about positivity and inspiration, inviting users to share their personal stories. In addition to this, Breakthrough India, a women’s rights organization that champions the cause of gender equality joined TikTok to amplify the message through powerful and engaging videos. TikTok has also become a platform for women to showcase their talent by sharing creative and inspiring videos with the 200 million strong user community. Let’s look at some of the top women creators who are redefining womanhood with one TikTok video at a time:

Gunjan Taneja – Gunjan started her career as an engineer and has worked with top companies but the passion to share her ‘fat to fit’ story with masses brought her to TikTok. With 3.2 million followers, she follows her passion of being a woman fitness creator and aspires to motivate, influence and encourage people to follow a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Geet – After losing her mobility at the age of 10, Geet continues to be a strong, motivated and passionate woman. She always wanted to set an example and continues to inspire others with her NGO work. She did that with TikTok and her 8 million followers, as she found it to be a powerful tool that helped her reach out and express herself to a wider audience.

Shivani Kapila – A former Human Resource Executive, Shivani Kapila is a popular TikTok creator from Surat, Gujarat. She is well known for her vine videos and superb comic timing. She regularly posts videos with her mother-in-law, inspiring daughters-in-law all over giving her mother-in-law an identity of her own. With 8.8 million followers on TikTok, she has also motivated users to be responsible citizens.

Nagma Mirajkar- Nagma broke societal stereotypes to become TikTok’s one of the most popular and loved creator. Her road to success has inspired millions of hearts and has garnered a following of 13 million on the platform.

Swati Sharma and Moni Kundu-  They are the mothers who create interesting and meaningful videos with their sons and have now become popular among the masses. They are strong examples of how mothers can also successfully follow their passion. Swati Sharma and Moni kundu enjoy a following of 4.3 million and 4 million on TikTok respectively.

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