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Mel Gibson filed a lawsuit on Monday against Voltage Pictures because the company contravened its agreement to produce The Professor and The Madman. 

Gibson has devoted eight years to bringing this project to life. It is based on the Simon Winchester book about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary. In the film, Gibson will be seen portraying the role of professor James Murray, who oversees the creation of the dictionary while Sean Penn plays the madman, William Chester Minor, who contributed 10,000 entries from the asylum for the criminally insane, as reported by Variety. 

Mel also alleges that the contract gives him the right to choose between Voltage’s cut and Safinia’s cut but the latter was prevented from shooting the entire screenplay and hence, is unable to complete the cut. Along with that, Gibson says that Voltage showed a portion of the film to the distributors of the Cannes Film festival.

Voltage CEO was unavailable for comments regarding the entire fiasco.

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