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Mera sonu inta sona , itna pyaara – sonu sood ki maa ki sadaa



It gives me extreme delight and pleasure to welcome Sonu Sood into the club of sons who worship their mothers. I must mention some other names of this unique club and some of thr notable names are Dileep Kumar, M.F Husain, Devanand, Gulzar, Khuswant Singh , this small writer and now the latest member of the club , Sonu Sood .

Sonu was still a young man when his mother , Saroj had drilled into him the kind of ideas and values with which he has grown up. His mother died some years ago, but what she had taught him and had practised to learn from has now been a part of his life and it is because of his mother that he is what he is today , one of the better actors we have, a human being par excellence and what he has emerged as during the last eight months, the messiah of the migrants and a man with a heart to serve and give his best to those in need .

Mera sonu inta sona , itna pyaara - sonu sood ki maa ki sadaa (2)

How can anyone forget the brave and bold steps Sonu took when governments and institutions were struggling to find ways of solving the migrant problem ? How can one forget how he walked on the roads and on the platforms of railway stations and even at different airports to make sure that lakhs of people went back home safely ? Isn’t it staggering to believe that one man could do what governments could only plan to do or dream to do or make promises to do? How could one man have the courage to take on the challenge which was almost unbelievable?

Mera sonu inta sona , itna pyaara - sonu sood ki maa ki sadaa (3)

What made him do what no one else could even try to do ? I myself have tried to find answers to these questions and I have come to a kind of conclusion that it was his mother who was the driving force behind her son and who made him do what was considered impossible.

And with time and with the growing activities of Sonu Sood to come to the help of as many as possible only strengthens my own belief . Sonu did not stop with solving the problems of the migrants who have now started believing that he is some avatar of God and there are so many parents in Bihar and UP who have even their children Sonu and even Sonu Sood.

Mera sonu inta sona , itna pyaara - sonu sood ki maa ki sadaa (4)

The migrant issue has not been the only issue tackled by Sonu, there is a constant effort being made by him to wipe out distress from faces which have tears rolling down and minds worried with the problems that would come their way in the future. Sonu has built roads in different states.

He has been the man behind organising any number of surgeries and has been successful in giving a new life to patients suffering from kidney, liver and other organ failures. He now has plans to help the surgeries of 970 more patients and the way he is going, it doesn’t seem like this amazing man is going to stop come what may or come who may .

Mera sonu inta sona , itna pyaara - sonu sood ki maa ki sadaa (5)

There was a lot of speculation about his being a part of the political scene during the recent Bihar elections , but by keeping away from politics and politicians, he has only increased his own prestige , popularity and stature.

But good work cannot go unappreciated and that is what is happening with Sonu Sood . He has been receiving applause and plaudits from different parts of the world and even as the honours keep coming his way , he has not burst track of his goals which was I think set for him by his mother a long time ago.

His mother had once told him that the best gift to ve given to a child is education. And that is the goal Sonu is now pursuing with all the passion and determination he can . It is this goal that has now made him take some very valuable steps to encourage students who don’t have the means to go in for a better kind of education and it is again difficult to believe that this one man can help so many students in so many different states without any distinction of any kind.

Ad of now there are hundreds of students pursuing different educational courses, all because of the financial support and the inspiration of this man with a heart of gold (sona).

And how this man works to meet his goals can be seen from this one recent gesture he made. An auto driver had met with a very nasty accident and had damaged both these hands. Someone in the crowd had heard about Sonu and his mission helps nad found a way to contact Sonu and found him. The auto driver would have lost his hands if help would not come in time as the injuries could turn septic and surgery would have to be done as soon as possible.

Sonu found out all the details of the accident and wrote a message to the auto driver saying that his hands would be saved and in the same message he wrote to the auto driver that he was expecting him to take him for a ride in his auto once he was back from hospital. Can ou imagine what that young auto driver would have felt when he got that life – giving message from the man who has made saving lives and making them better is only mission in life.

All I can do is send up a prayer for Sonu that he continues with his humanitarian work and keep doing it if not for anything else , then only for the love of his mother.