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Mesmerising, Romantic & Soulful Ghazal By Satyam Anandjee


Phool Rasmon Ki Khatir Nahi Layiye, Phool Khil Jayenge Aap Aa Jayiye.

So very true, the flowers will blossom on their own, with the presence of the loved one around.

Splendid and grand these are the two words which we can truly say for the event of a very young Ghazal Singer Satyam Anandjee. The above Ghazal was sung during an event organised by 80th Indian Road Congress at Patna, Bihar, the event backed by the Ministry of culture with more than 2500 delegates from across the country.


Singer/Composer Satyam Anandjee known for his famous Ghazal and as a live performer just does not sing the famous Bollywood numbers but even has a huge collection of his privately composed Ghazals, Nazms and Songs, written by renowned lyricist.

Early Childhood:

From a very young age of almost 8 years Satyam Anandjee has been carrying his harmonium on his Shoulders walking for miles together from his own village Ghiya in Bihar to various other villages near by performing during festive seasons and religious ceremonies.

He started his singing career in Bhajans, not just by singing during festive seasons or in temples.. Or Maha aartis/pujas..but also has his regional album released from the age of 11 yrs, with his mother.. His first guru… by composing the music of the album and also singing in the same.

Satyam Anandjee surely has a God gifted voice.

He started listening to the bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota and later on even copied his tricks and trades.

Similarly for ghazals he started listening to Ghulam Ali, Chandan Das, Jagjit Singh and such other famous Ghazal singers.

But then over a period of time  he realised that music is something that needs to be learnt and hence he made up his mind after his 10th standard to do his further education in music. when you ask Satyam Anandjee today that if you were not a singer composer or musician what would you have been and he proudly says that he would have definitely been a very good Architect or Engineer.

Struggles & Hardships:

Satyam Anandjee had to face his part of opposition within the family as everyone knew that he could be a tremendous architect or an engineer. The family wanted him to pursue his further education in a similar field but Satyam Anandjee decided to swim against the current and hence had to face his own battle himself.

Satyam Anandjee education and initial stage of career of live performances started in Bihar. It was through word of mouth and he definitely got very well renowned and already accumulated his fan base there.

Satyam Anandjee has got opportunities to perform in the parliament and also for the Indian Army, Indian Naval forces & various Mahotsavs.

Mumbai Journey :

Gradually the industry which he belongs to brought him to Mumbai that is the world of Bollywood and here his path of struggle still continued trying to sing for small gatherings and was always seem surrounded by beautiful women around him specially in clubs for kitty parties and yes this gave him a very good

recognition and recommendations started coming from this women fan club and being very shy & introverted by nature he has still not found his right better half.

Nevertheless his journey of ups and downs continued in Mumbai and he started slowly performing for corporate events, Weddings and various other sectors like the Ministry Of Culture, Tourism Ministry in all parts of India.  Today from Jammu Kashmir to Orissa and West Bengal to Mumbai, Satyam Anandjee has performed in various parts big or small villages, towns, cities of India, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai & journey continues..

In the city of Mumbai with the help of his friends, he was able to make a mark and come up into the digital world of music. Today he is present on 500+ digital platforms like iTune, JioSaavn, Hungama, Amazon Music, Wync Music and more.

YouTube has recognised Satyam Anandjee and gave him a special artist channel.

Reporter- Sharad Rai

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