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Metro Inox Turns Into Bharat Ka Inox

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Salman Khan’s latest release “Bharat” has already received a grand welcome across the globe. INOX also shaped a new way to welcome Salman’s Bharat. In a first of its kind initiative, INOX named its iconic cinema Metro INOX as “METRO BHARAT KA INOX” on the day of the release. In an innovative way to welcome the blockbuster, INOX used the Gobo Projection technology to project a caricature of Salman’s face. To take the integration to a new level, INOX also projected the text “BHARAT KA INOX” on the front façade of the theatre. The projection of Salman’s face and the text on the façade created an intriguing display for the patrons as well for the passer byes. Talking about the innovation, Saurabh Varma, Chief Marketing Officer – INOX Leisure Ltd said, “Keeping in mind the huge amount of hype and anticipation around Salman’s latest release ‘BHARAT’, we were keen to carry out something which is unique, disruptive and fascinating. We chose METRO INOX for this integration as it is one of our most iconic theatres and has an aura of its own, much like any of the Salman’s releases. We are proud of the innovation and are glad that our patrons, and all the Salman fans are loving the experiential promotion.”

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