Micckie Dudaney makes a dramatic entry in Doosri Maa!

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After acing numerous roles in popular television shows and leaving a mark on the audience with his incredible performances, actor Micckie Dudaney will be seen as Varun Sharma  in &TV’s family drama Doosri Maa. Varun will portray the role of antagonist to stir up new hurdles and challenges in Yashoda (Neha Joshi) and Krishna’s (Aayudh Bhanushali) lives.

About his entry as Varun Sharma in the show, Micckie Dudaaney shares, “My character Varun Sharma’s entry will create havoc in Yashoda and Krishna's lives while the audience will witness a high-voltage drama. He will be involved in an evil plan and claim to be Krishna's real father. Varun is a charmer and wants to impress the Guptas with his charisma. He has a lot of air about himself and is a layered character. The role is quite fascinating for me as I have not explored much as an antihero.” Micckie adds about being part of Doosri Maa. “I am overjoyed to be part of Doosri Maa. My family enjoys the show and is excited that I will be appearing on it soon. I am grateful to Imtiaz Punjabi, the show's director, and co-producer, for this opportunity. I have previously worked with him and believe in his vision. Before shooting for the show, I watched a few episodes, and it took me on an emotional roller coaster. High-voltage drama and interesting characters piqued my interest.”

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The actor who is currently shooting for the show in Jaipur adds, “The cast is friendly and welcoming, and shooting in Jaipur is fun. I started shooting a few days ago, and Jaipur already feels like home.”

Watch Micckie Dudaaney as Varun Sharma in Doosri Maa every Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm only!

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