Mika Singh and Gioconda Vessichelli's sweet and sour relationship that swipes through the heart

By Sulena Majumdar Arora
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Mika Singh and Gioconda Vessichelli

Recently, after seeing the pictures and viral videos of global opera queen Gioconda Vecchinelli and superstar singer Mika Singh, the media and netizens suddenly started doubting their relationship as these two have been telling themselves to be closer than real siblings but looking at the tip of the video, people started questioning whether  really there is brother-sister love between these two or something else? The world is asking, "Siblings? Are they brothers and sisters?"

There is a buzz where people are asking, "It doesn't seem like Gioconda Veccichelli is dedicating this song to him (Mika) (especially if we look at Gioconda's reply to Mika, when Mika sends her love and hugs and says," so cute," but

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The fair-skinned, soft wine eyed girl doesn't agree at all. She gives a piece of her mind to Mika. Although Gioconda is a world famous opera queen, but after all she is also a young girl of flesh and blood, so how can a woman of her calibre give up her stubbornness? With  her queen's pride, growling like a tigress and anger on the tip of her pretty nose, she repeatedly hurts the most to those who love her the most. Actually nobody has the right to ask what is the matter between the two of them because brothers and sisters normally fight, but if you really want to know the matter between these two stars, then you have to first try to understand about this fairy named Gioconda, who seems to have come from the other side of the cloud and flashed like lightning.


The world-renowned, highly celebrated and acclaimed , often controversial Italian opera queen,  winner of 7 international opera awards and singer in Italy government television for Grammy award winner composer Ennio Morricone, she  seems to keep on having sweet and sour relationship with the King of Bollywood Mika Singh (who was following her in Instagram but then Gioconda Blocked him in phone and in all the social medias) after releasing the song" Thodi daaru

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This beauty with an amazing heart, mind and sculpted body has a unique "prima donna" attitude in her Instagram, as she said in a previous interview "I don't follow anyone because I just follow my brain and it's enough for me.(Let the readers know that Gioconda once told me personally that she had two brains, one in her head and one below her waist)
Looks like this brainy girl, Gioconda in a bout of anger for reasons best known to her and Mika, had blocked  the King of Bollywood, singer Mika Singh on phone  after the superhit song, sung by both of them "Thodi Daru" was released.


Well, the real relationship between Bollywood singer Badshah Mika Singh and queen opera Gioconda Vesichelli is still a mystery and the secret is still left unresolved. Anyway I have secretly come to know that now these two very strong personalities are in a good relationship again. In fact, Mika had invited Gioconda to his super hit show 'Mika di Votti' sangeet ceremony with great love and affection and wanted her to sit in the front row with his real sisters and cousins. The show aired last July 2022, where we got a chance to admire the elegant and refined existence of the beautiful singer Gioconda Vecchinelli. Who created a strange magic by fusing not only her music style but also her dressing sense . Her fusing Gucci bag, Versace jewelry, the brand from Italy, along with a red, Shyamal Bhowmik dress made with gold detailing was stunning.

When it comes to fusing, the question arises, do you think there could be a fusion between Gioconda Vecichelli who comes from a refined operatic background and the highly controversial yet very talented and hit machine Mika Singh?

Anyhow, when attitude rich girl Gioconda enjoys Punjabi food with Mika at his restaurant, it seems, "All is well."


Last year, in Mika Singh's Swayamvar TV show, on Star Bharat, Mika had invited Gioconda Vecchinelli to grace the show as his real sister like a member of his family and Gioconda sat in the front row of the audience with his real brothers and sisters and judged the girls who had participated in the show to impress and get hitched by  Mika. Let me tell you that Mika's YouTube channel has a playlist dedicated exclusively to Gioconda Vescichelli (which also features the song 'Thodi Daru' sung by Gioconda Vescichelli and Mika together) and it tops all other playlists.


Recently, when Gioconda talked about Mika, she poured out her heart and said, "Mika is the person whom I love the most in this world, there is no hidden secret or anything between me and him. It's really no secret and he Knows all the thoughts and movements going on my  mind, even without my telling, because often he reads my mind. He is my family and he is always there for me whenever I need him and I am always there for him when he need me. We are together in every happy and sad moments of life. To help him, if necessary, I can even die or risk my life because Mika's wonderful and pure heart deserves it. I am sure that we were real brothers and sisters in the past life, because even though in these 10 years of our acquaintance, we have had many fights but somehow or other destiny always manages to reunite us and have a peaceful relationship again.  I think many times, misunderstandings arises due to the difference of our native cultures and traditions and my stubborn nature is also a reason on that. Mika is a sweet and loving person, whereas I can be wild and crazy horse at times, so I know I am not easy to handle and understand. I know that because of this nature of mine, how many times I have hurt men who came close to me. But despite this, I am a soft and emotional person at heart. I have never hurt anyone intentionally or knowingly, and once I realize my mistake, I always find a way to make up for the pain I caused the other person. That's why even today, I have a great relationship with all those men who crazily loved me and I too loved and hated them but I am still good friends with my past fiancees. To be honest, even today, even after so many years, those people are trying to come back to me. Let me tell you a secret, those whom I really love and with whom I do not want to be separated till death, I make them my brother or sister because there is no divorce or separation in the relationship between brother and sister and nobody can separate a brother and sister. "

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So will this passionate, sensitive and beautiful girl never marry? To this question, Gioconda says, "I am a free bird, I know I am not the type of girl who is happy to sit at home and lead a routine life.

I love traveling, sometimes I like unconventional trips alone, I am happy being alone with nature or with myself because I love myself a lot and I enjoy being alone. Curiosity arises in my mind about whoever I meet in my life's path way and I explore them. I'm a fun-loving person, I very quickly get bored of a stable and routine life, I also get bored of  routine boring relationships. I don't like to be tied up to any fixed relation for a long time, that is why I avoid such kind of relation so as not to hurt anyone's heart. Especially the people I love the most. The best is the relation of brother and sister which makes us part of one family and keeps pure love forever." .

Point noted dear fairy girl. By the way Gioconda Vescichelli strictly instructed me to make it mandatory to put her Instagram in Mayapuri as millions of readers of Mayapuri and also her millions of followers are eager to connect with her. So take his insta link:

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