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Miss World America WA Shree Saini Nominated For “The Best Dance Talent” In The Oscar Awards Of Pageant World


At the 2020 “Global Beauty Awards”, thousands would be considered for the best in pageant world awards. A few hundred will be selected for preliminary nominations and then after a rigorous screening, a few will be given the honor of becoming a final nominee.

Shree Saini won “Best Pageant Titleholder” last year. Miss Universe was in that same nomination. This time, Shree shared on her social media that she has been nominated for BEST TALENT, which was given to her for her dance performance. Her recent dance routine earned her the award of “Miss World America Best Talent 1st RU award”.

“My dance journey began when I was only 3 years old, but a substantial part of my dance journey was filled with both physical and emotional hardships. When I was 12, I was diagnosed with a complete heart block. I had to get a pacemaker surgery. The average age of a pacemaker recipient is age 80. Cardiologists told me I could never dance again,” Shree noted on her social media.

Instead of giving up, Shree Saini went back to dance class with her left arm tied up in a cast and practiced up to 6 hours a day in order to regain her strength. Saini noted on media that even though “dance is a very competitive, cut-throat, high stakes sport”, she wants to “encourage teachers, students, parents to always be uplifting, emphatic, especially when it’s difficult. Real Love takes courage.”


The Global Beauty Awards – The GBAs (“Awards”) are under the jurisdiction of NW Productions, LLC, an entertainment and media production company founded by David and Maureen Francisco. The Awards represent members from EVERY pageant system and the beauty, fashion, entertainment, sports, educational and business industries. Just like the Emmys, Grammys, etc., the Awards celebrates individuals including delegates, titleholders, producers, directors, stylists and others that strive and achieve excellence in their respective fields. This annual production is the pinnacle of pageantry recognition.

“The Global Beauty Awards is the most exciting, cherished and memorable night for the entire pageant world. My favorite part of the show is being reunited with my pageant family and being inspired to DO MORE, SERVE MORE. I salute you both!” Saini said.


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