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Mithai serial lead actor Aashish Bharadwaj reminisces about celebrating Janmashtami in his hometown Khatauli


Coming from a land that has a plethora of festivals and customs, It is amusing to see how one festival is celebrated so differently in various parts of our country – Jyothi Venkatesh

As we are soon to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami has always been a festival that is loved and adored by all Krishna devotees and admirers.

While the cast of Serial Mithai is all set to be seen celebrating the Janmashtami sequence with the cast of Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan. This will be an episode all fans of both the serials will be excited about due to the twists and plot changes.

In an exclusive interview, when asked, Lead Actor Aashish Bharadwaj AKA Siddharth from the serial Mithai about his Janmashtami experience, he fondly mentioned, “Janmashtami has always been a special festival for me, as there is a very unique way of celebrating this festival in my hometown Khatauli.

Each year we used to decorate all the temples around and the entire city used to unitedly celebrate this festival.

While it was a great time to meet and celebrate with family and friends, what made it more special was that each year I was dressed as Lord Krishna blessing all the devotees who used to come to pray at the temple.

This is one of my fondest memories of childhood and those early years of enactment have prepared me for taking up acting as a profession. I dearly love this festival and am excited to celebrate it this year in Mumbai.”

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