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Modiji Ki Beti Is Inspired By A Real Life Incident In The South

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Producer Avani Modi has come up with a unique and different feel good film called Modiji Ki Beti directed by the veteran ad film director Eddy Singh, who has to his credit several ad films over the past 30 years and has worked for various ad agencies and ad gurus including Prahlad Kakkar before he set out to make his debut as the director of a feature film like Modiji Ki Beti. It has the premise of a struggling actress Avami Modi who is kidnapped by two terrorists. How the actress sets out to use this opportunity to create a controversy to gain popularity for herself and seek media mileage. The two dumb terrorists Tauseef and Bilal , who are working as chefs in a terrorist camps are desperate to prove that they can also do something for the sake of their country and also for their religion and have kidnapped Avani, owing to a statement that she had made as she happens to be the daughter of a powerful politician. The two realize their mistake when the entire episode is related to them and the quest for them is to get Avani back to India.

“My film belongs to an entirely different genre and I’d say that it is a khoobsoorat gudgudi. It is based on a real life incident which happened down South and essentially is a satire of India-Pakistan relationship. We shot for the film in 32 days in and around Manali and are looking at a February 2020 release”, says Eddie Singh.  When asked what difference did he find been making ad films and a feature film now, Eddy quips, “Basically the format and the process of film making is the same whether you set out to make an ad film or a feature film. The only difference is that you have to create a recall value of your product in a span of 30 seconds through an ad film whereas in a feature film you have to unspool the entire plot in a span of say one and a half to two hours

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