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Mohammad Nazim Doesn’t Miss Fitness Goals Even In The Month Of Ramzaan 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Despite fasting for Ramzaan throughout the day, actor Mohammad Nazim makes sure to go to the gym regularly. The actor says that he likes to go to the gym as it is part of his daily routine. “I go to the gym at night around 11.30 pm. I never miss going to the gym because if I don’t go to the gym, I am not able to sleep. I just can’t miss my fitness schedule. So even during these days, I make sure to go,” he says.In fact, here are some tips which Nazim gives to be able to observe Roza efficiently without getting tired. “The first 2-3 days of Roza definitely get difficult but if you do sehri on time and eat a little less at night and eat more in the morning, it won’t happen. We can still adjust but the people who work on the field, for example, the mazdoors, it gets really difficult for them. But it’s a kind of an exam which is taken by God. So for me at the beginning, I feel that it’s a bit difficult. But later on, it becomes quite easy for me. I don’t even get to know. I am keeping roza from the time I have started understanding it as a kid. When I was in 5th or 6th standard, I used quietly go to the nearest market and eat samosas, Kulcha, puri bhaji or biscuits without getting caught. After a point of time, I started feeling that this is not right, so I stopped doing it.”

Nazim at iftari time

Talking about what he eats, he says, “In Iftaari, I have snacks, mostly I eat fruits. I avoid eating roti at night, so I have it along with chicken. In the morning, at the time of Sehri, at 4am, I drink protein shake.” Nazim loves this holy month. “The best thing which happens while following Roza is that you go for Namaz regularly, eat on time, sleep on time. I sleep around 11.30pm- 12 am and get up in the morning do sehri and sleep after doing Namaz. I try and do good things, help people and do whatever is possible,” he signs off.

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