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Mohit Malhotra Loved Watching Himself On Screen While Watching Vikram Bhatt’s Hacked

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Mohit Malhotra is on cloud nine after the screening of his film Hacked, though hardly any one has watched the film, which has even disappeared from the theatres as far as it came. The actor, who is seen alongside actor Hina Khan in the film, says that he had an amazing time at the screening. “It was really fantastic meeting all my friends at the screening of my first film. They really made it special for me and I am indeed grateful to them for sharing this special moment with me,” he says.The actor’s close friend Sahil Khattar, who is a YouTube sensation and actor, had some great things to say about Mohit’s performance. “Sahil is very sweet, he said, ‘After watching your performance in the film, it’s safe to say a star is born.’ It was so encouraging,” he says.However, his brother Himanshu Malhotra and wife Amruta Khanvilkar were unable to attend the screening. “They were attending my cousin sister’s wedding in Delhi which I, unfortunately, had to miss because of the screening. But they watched the film in Delhi and indeed loved it,” he says.Mohit loved watching himself on the big screen. “It felt incredible to watch myself on the big screen. It’s been my dream and it’s so fulfilling to see it come true. I am really grateful for the love and support I am receiving for this film,” he says.

Mohit Malhotra, Preeti Simoes
Mohit Malhotra,Malvika Sitlani,Akhil Aryan
Mohit Malhotra, Sahil Khattar
Mohit Malhotra Ismail Umar Khan
Mohit Malhotra Aishwarya Desai

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