Monika Khanna: TV gives you more stability and more money compared to films and OTT

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Monika Khanna

While everyone wants to try their hands at multiple mediums today, actress Monika Khanna says that TV is a far more secure medium than OTT and films. The actress, who plays the role of Latika in Durga aur Charu on Colors TV, says that there are many actors who have stuck to TV and are doing so well.

“While working in showbiz, what one craves for, maybe as much as good roles, is stability, and I feel that TV, as a medium, provides us with that. TV is not bound by a fixed script. We don't know whether this show will last for two months or even stretch to two years because they keep on adding flavors, they keep on adding people and changing the story. So, a show has no pre-decided end date and that always works well for actors. Also, I feel working on TV will fetch you more money as compared to films and OTT because there are a lot of actors who are so good at their job and have secured themselves doing TV only,” she says.

publive-image Recently, actress Priyanka Chopra spoke about the bullying she had to face in Bollywood. Monika says that this is common not only in showbiz, but all industries.

“Politics, bullying and pressure is not just in Bollywood or on television, it's everywhere, whether it's the corporate world, aviation, fashion industry. It is just that our industry is an open book, and people are so intrested in knowing what is happening. I feel that bullying should not happen at all and newcomers must be judged on the basis of their craft and nothing else. However, if unfortunately, you are faced with bullying, then you must be capable of standing up for yourself. You have to win your own battle by continuing to speak your own mind, by handling pressure on your own,” she says.

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Bollywood is no cake walk, says the actress, adding, “Since I have not been part of any Bollywood project, I don't know about the toughest part of having a sustainable career in Bollywood. But I believe that people who are outsiders, who don't have a godfather in Bollywood, who don't have someone who can guide them, for them, it is tough to make a mark.”

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