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For TV channels advertisements are the biggest source of income than their content. Brand and companies do not miss any chance to use this thing in every possible way. From catchy taglines to songs to animated character like Zoozoos and even sexual and adult content also used in ads to sell their products. Some time those ads are entertaining and fun to watch. Thanks to those catchy songs, many of us still remember those popular ads as our childhood memories.

But there was a time when suddenly a sexual ad pop up on the TV screen and suddenly we rush to the washroom and mom ran to the kitchen. Yes, that awkward situation was also created because of some sexual ads on TV.  But of course, censorship and controversies are not just limited to our films, it also applies to ads.

Here we listed some of the most controversial or banned Indian ads for their explicit content.

Durex condom


Set Wet Zatak


Fastrack TV Commercial


Idea TV Commercial 


Virgin Mobile

Amul Macho TV Commercial 


Manforce condom


Zatak Deo TV Commercial 


 Kamasutra Condoms TV Commercial 


Lux Cozy TV Commercial (2007)


AC Black Apple Juice Commercial 


Bisleri TV Commercial


Motorola TV Commercial 


Wild Stone Deo TV Commercial 


Axe Chocolate Man TV Commercial 


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