Movie Review: A Game Called Relationship

The film revolves around Shana (Mandy Takkar) and Kabeer (Kapil Khadiwala)who is a celebrity couple in a live-in relationship. They both happen to

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A Game Called Relationship

Producer- Director: Vivek Sharma

Star Cast: Vivek Sharma, Gaurav, Kapil Khadiwala, Mandy Takkar, Sunit Suri and Shabina Sheema

Genre: Romance

Rating- **1/2

Clean Youth-Centric film!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film revolves around Shana (Mandy Takkar) and Kabeer (Kapil Khadiwala)who is a celebrity couple in a live-in relationship. They both happen to meet a bunch of youngsters from different walks of life. When the boys start flirting with Shana and the girls start chasing Kabeer, the couple fakes their break up just to see how far these people will go to achieve what they lust. In the process, we get to see the unraveling of an entertaining and flirtatious game of relationships, which takes a different turn in their lives and make their lives topsy turvy and enable them to clear something new, every day.

Vivek Sharma who has made his debut as an actor with this film , besides producing and directing it, plays himself- a director who has this penchant to call for soda every time is elated. Vivek succeeds in exploring the different facets of the show business with élan and style. Considering the fact that he has himself written the subject, he has been able to gift himself a good role and does it well too. Kapil Khadawala as the celebrity model cum actor lends his role the right dignity and gets into his character quite well and is able to display shades both positive as well as negative with effortless ease.

Mandy Takkar who is a big name in Punjabi films blends with her part well though she needs to shed her weight a bit. Others like Sunit Suri and Shabina Sheema also are good. Music by playback singer cum music director Nakash in tandem with Sargam is quite interesting and melodious.

As a director, Vivek Sharma, who had proved himself as a capable director with his earlier film Bhootnath is handicapped by the weight of his own script in the sense that he has not been able to flesh out all the characters with a lot of depth and focuses more on himself and the celebrity live in couple, letting the other actors take a back seat. It is quite irritating to see him plugging the Sheesha Sky Lounge more than once, irritating the viewer in the process too. However, to the credit of Vivek Sharma, he has not unnecessarily resorted to vulgarity or skin show and does not even show any kissing scene between his actors though he could have easily incorporated it.

In short, it is a pity that this film which has a lot of appeal to the youth may find the sailing tough at the box office as it does not have a title in Hindi besides the fact that it has not been released in many theaters like Bhoot and Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan

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