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Movie Review: Amavas


Producer- Sachin Joshi

Director- Bhushan Patil

Star Cast- Sachin Joshi, Nargis Fakhri, Ali Asgar, Mona Singh, Vivek Bathana and Navneet Kaur Dhillon

Genre- Horror

Rating- * ½

Incongruous Mumbo Jumbo

Jyothi Venkatesh

Amavas is about a rich businessman Karan (Sachin Joshi) and his lover Ahana (Nargis Fakhri). They live together in Mumbai that too with his grandma and Karan wants to take one step ahead and propose to Ahana in Paris, but Ahana wants the ritual to take place in Karan’s summer mansion in remote England. The rest of the story is predictable. The mansion’s dark secrets give Karan and Ahana sleepless nights filled with supernatural happenings.

The mystery behind Karan’s odd behavior is unraveled in a painstakingly long manner. His gory past is dictating his present. It is quite another thing that the logic fails to buy us and we are left wondering why on earth is Bhushan Patil following his horror guru Vikram Bhatt and keeping on churning out funny horror flicks. In this one, Mona Singh who is Karan’s psychiatrist claims that her tattoo — a religious Hindi symbol of ‘Om’ engraved in her hands — will be a safe deterrent to protect the hero and his muse from the evil forces.

It is tough competition to decide who is more blank and wooden as an actor- Sahin Joshi or Nargis Fakhri. Ali Asgar does a different spooky character but disappears most of the time from the film leaving Sachin and Nargis to cohort all the time in the world. Mona Singh plays Karan’s psychiatrist and fares relatively better. Navneet Kaur Dhillon has hardly any role and before you realize where she fits in, you are shown her dead on bed. The less said about Vivaan Bathena the better. With a Tumbad like cinematography where everything unveils at midnight or in dark lit rooms, the film is a pain to watch as it goes on and on and you scream, with delight when it screeches to a halt. Though it isclaimed that Amavas has never seen before scary VFX, there is not a single scene which scared the viewer. There were hardly 10 people in the hall at 9 am at Cinepolis, Andheri where the producers had invited the press to watch the film. Out of the 10, seven were from the media

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