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Movie Review: Bagpat Ka Dulha

Producers: Raksha Baraiya , Krishan Kumar Bhoot
Director: Karan Kashyap
Star Cast: Jae Sing, Ruchi Singh ,Lokesh Malik ,Amit Kasera, Jiya Chauhan , Raza Murad, Lalit Parimoo, Ravi Jhankal , Amita Nagia, Puneet Vasishtha and Sheetal Dimri
Genre: Comedy
Rating: *** (Three)
Jyothi Venkatesh
Bagpat Ka Dulha is an out and out comedy of errors, based in Baghpat Uttar Pradesh. Shiv Shukla (Jae Singh) and Anjali’s (Ruchi Singh) are youngsters who constantly quibble with one another on account of the fact that both own two rival cable TV providers in the same locality. Their respective parents ( Lalit Parimoo, Amita Nangia, Ravi Jhankal and Sheetal Dimri) decide to get them married off to one another since the local M.L.A Vinay Chaudhari (Raza Murad) feels that if they are married, peace will prevail in his constituency but even Shiv and Anjali too are against the alliance because they hate each other. One day, both Shiv and Anjali manipulate the nincompoop M.L.A’s nephew (Puneet Vashisht) into telling his uncle that he loves Anjali so that the MLA decides to marry his nephew off to her, but
they realize that in the process of hating one another, they have actually fallen in love with one another.
Right from direction and acting to screenplay and cinematography, nothing seems to be working in favor of this so called romantic comedy. The script is predictable from the very start to the end and director Karan Kashyap is handicapped with his own hackneyed writing. On the performance front, Raza Murad, who is seen after a long time impresses while Jae Singh disappoints as Shiv Shukla and fails to emote adequately. Ruchi Singh is better off in the role of the confused cable TV operator who initially
hates her arch rival Shiv Shukla, but all of a sudden has a volte face and falls desperately in love with him, even to the extent of telling him to elope with her.Puneet Vashisht makes a desperate attempt to ham by copying the dialogue delivery of Shakti Kapoor while both Ravi Jhankal and Lalit Parimoo score as the respective fathers of the lead pair.
The background score, too, is melodramatic and fails to justify the chain of events that is portrayed on screen. On the whole, Bagpat Ka Dulha is a formula ridden film which may entertain the front benchers but find it tough to survive in multiplexes. Go after leaving your brains at home.

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