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Movie Review: Bhangra Paa Le


Producer- Ronnie Screwvala

Director Sneha Taurani

Star Cast- Sunny Kaushal, Rukhsar Dhillon, Parmeet Sethi and Shreya Pilgaonkar

Genre- Social

Rating- **

Contrived and stereotyped

Jyothi  Venkatesh

Thye dance oriented film which has Dheeraj Rattan’s story-screenplay intercutting into two different periods revolving around two stories of two dancers – Captaan from the 1940s and Jaggi Singh from 2019, both essayed by Sunny Kaushal  whose third outing this film is , after Sunshine Tours & Travels and Gold earlier. Jaggi is a Part time DJ, and no other interest in life other than qualifying for a Bhangra competition in London. Because he is of the opinion that doing that will somehow celebrate his dear departed grandfather’s (Kaptaan) legacy.

In a quick turn of events, he stumbles upon Simi (Rukhsar Dhillon) who is dancing up a storm at a wedding, he thinks is the perfect female counterpart for him. The bubbling romance turns toxic when the realization dawns on Jaggi that Simi, who along with starts guzzling glasses of vodka with him for no rhyme or reason after the first meeting, is a member of the rival college’s troupe, who has equal ambition to win the trophy for her troupe in the Bhangra Battle in London and there is a back story of a father who has abandoned the mother and kid when she was just 10.

Sneha Taurani makes her debut as a director with the film switching between the sepia-toned past — enlivened by Shriya Pilgaonkar as Captaan’s love Nimmo waiting for his return to Malwa village, Punjab, and a vibrant present, during which Jaggi must overcome his issues with his father (Parmeet Sethi) and  in the process learn a vital lesson which will force the shape of his life in future.

Sunny Kaushal is good but it is Rukhsar who steals the show with her vibrant portrayal for the lively young girl who struggles between her love for Jaggi and he ambition to win the trophy for the best Bhangra dancer. Parmeet makes his presence after a long period of time with his likeable role of the father who has to win over his son. Shreya Pilgaonkar is cute and to her credit sails through with a winsome performance though hers is a small role when you compare it with that of Rukhsar Dhillon. To sum up, I’d say that in spite of best efforts by the actors, the film is heavily bogged down by a feeble script and unimaginative choreography, and contrived wafer thin screenplay with a drama which h fails to whip up your appetite to burn up the dance floor, with vengeance.

For a movie that boasts of Bhangra as its USP, the choreography of this peppy dance form looks pretty weak and predictable and reminds you of dance oriented films of yore. Apart from a high-spirited soundtrack, ‘Bhangra Paa Le’ by Pritam , the film has nothing new to offer and will prove to be a non starter at the box office.

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