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Producer-Director- Nitin Mahajan

Star Cast-Raj Thakur, Dr Sanjeev Kumar Patil, Shweta Bist, Radhika Deshmukh, Ashwini Ekbote

Genre- Psychological

Rating- **

Half Baked!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film revolves around the travails of Krishna (Raj Thakur), an introverted anatomy research student in his early twenties, living in Pune, who develops strong feelings for Garima (Radhika Deshmukh) after he helps her with her college level calculus. When Garima dumps him for another dashing guy when he reveals his feeling for her, Krishna is devastated. His close friend Madhumita (Shweta Bisht) who secretly pines for him tries to bring him out of it by getting him out of the house and on his mother’s insistence, Krishna goes to stay at his uncle, Kartik Mama’s farmhouse where he develops an interest for cycling till he feels better. Madhumita moves 800kms away to Bangalore and decides to bicycle his way to Bangalore to visit Madhumita. His experiences along the highway and the time spent alone in contemplation help him see things in a new light.

As far as performances go, Ekbote is excellent as the mother in distress, while Thakur and Bisht too impress well. As the crazy uncle, Patil overacts and bores you to death. This film sets out to depict a motivational journey for young audiences, but it miserably fails to convey the right ideas with the required conviction or clarity. The central character of Krishna, had a lot of scope but writing doesn’t etch out anything worthy. The treatment of the subject and the cinematography of this film are both devoid of any tangible merit. To put it in a nutshell, it is just about a half baked attempt.

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