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Movie Review: Bypass Road

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Producer- Madan Paliwal

Director- Naman Nitin Mukesh

Star Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Adah Sharma, Sudhanshu Pandey, Shama Sikander, Gul Panag, Rajit Kapoor, Manish Chaudhary, Taher Shabbir

Genre- Thriller

Rating: * *

Bland Thriller

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film revolves around a worn out premise of Vikram Kapoor (Neil Nitin Mukesh) a fashion designer of repute who has a one-night stand with top model Sara Braganza (Shama Sikander) even as there is a cute young fashion intern (Adah Sharma) professes his love to him. Sara is bumped off and one murder follows another. The cop (Manish Chaudhary) is on the trail of the murderer who turns out to be a man with a mask amidst several characters like Pranav Kapoor (Rajit Kapoor), Romila (Gul Panag), Narang (Sudhanshu Pandey), Sara’s fiancé Jimmy (Taher Shabbir) and a Man Friday, who walk in and out as culprits in a bigger plan involving money, property, love, lust, one night stand, jealousy, betrayal etc.

Though the story line shows promise the execution is faulty and the direction chaotic from the word go. Right from the dialogues (written by Neil Nitin Mukesh) and scenes that are nothing but replicas of crime thrillers from the 70s and early 80’s, to the concept of a masked killer turning out to be someone who’s not in the police radar, everything in and about ‘Bypass Road’ brings nothing new to the table. In a move which could be termed as nepotism, while Neil Nitin Mukesh himself plays the lead and also writes the dialogues as well as the screenplay, his brother Naman Nitin Mukesh is credited with direction and father Nitin Mukesh sings a remix of So Gaya Yeh Jahaan, his 1985 hit chart buster from Tezaab

It is altogether tedious to see a talented actor like Neil being wasted in a film which does not require his talent. It is difficult to believe that the same Neil Nitin Mukesh, had made a fabulous debut in a thriller film called ‘Johnny Gaddaar’ years ago and is  now underutilized in a weak movie with no thrills. Shama Sikander does justice to her role as Sarah but is hardly recognizable with oodles of make up on her face while Adah Sharma is nothing but a sidekick. It is a pity since she is actually a bundle of talent otherwise. Manish Chaudhary is stereo-typed as the typical Hindi film cop. Rajit Kapoor scores in a different role while Gul Panag has hardly any scope. Newcomer Tahir Shabbir shows promise.

To sum up, the bland thriller which is inundated with several flashbacks and flashforwards which tend to confuse you as lot,which does not spring any surprise  has very little chance of scoring at the box office especially when it has to come up with competition in the forms of films like Bala, Satellite Shankar and Mr Black & Mr White, besides The Last Christmas and the Marathi film Copy.

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