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Movie Review: Chal Jaa Bapu


Producer-Varun Grover

Director- Dedipya Joshi

Star Cast : Ashutosh Kaushik , Hrishita Bhatt, Zakir Hussain , Harish Hariaudh, Lokesh Gupta, Aaryan Vaid , Raju Kher, Himani Shivpuri

Genre- Drama

Rating- **


Jyothi Venkatesh

This movie is about a phony, irresponsible and idle man who finds a 500 rupee note which teaches him how to work hard and live a dignified life with self-respect. Unemployed Ashutosh (Ashutosh Kaushik) is a first-class B.A holder who has no knowledge about business could never get his life on the right track.  One day, Ashutosh’s wife (Hrishiita Bhatt) gives him a 1000 rupee note, and tells him to start his own business and asks him to run the house.  Ashu gives a 500-rupee-note given by a fraud baba (Zakir Hussain) to his sister for Rakshabandhan. Ashu tells his sister to never use the note and keep it as a souvenir because it’s the first gift that he’s ever given her. One day, his sister and wife go to a mall for shopping and pay using that fake 500-rupee-note. The cops take them both to the police station. Ashu starts feeling guilty and after a long battle, ends up winning a true battle against a fake one, and learns the importance of reality and truth along the way.

Ashutosh Kaushik just sleepwalks through his role while Hrishitaa Bhatt tries her level best to act in this puerile and trite film which sets out to bore you to death. Raju Kher hams royally while Himani Shivpuri is okay. Direction by Dedipya Joshi fails to elevate your sagging spirits. The film which is supposed to be a hard hitting satire on fake notes following the demonetisation lacks a coherent story to plod on and as a result is crippled and to sum up is nothing but a puerile effort

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