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Movie Review: Chase No Mercy To Crime


Producer-Meena Sethi Mondal

Director- Suvendu Raj Ghosh

Star Cast- Amyth Sethi, Dipanjjon Basak, Mustaque Khan, Gulshan Pandey, Gargi Patel, Sudip Mukherjee , Ramesh Goyal and Sameeksha Gaur

Genre: Action/Thriller

Taut , Racy and Slightly Edgy!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Based on true event of velour shown by Bengal police, where the story revolves around a train robbery masterminded by a politically motivated Jharkhand based father-son Duo (Shilendra & Satyendra Yadav). The chain of events unravel the true identity of the real culprit who is actually a master of disguise, but ultimately meets his fate at the hands of the tough Bengal police team who succeed in cracking the complicated case after much pursuit through  different countries.

Chase No Mercy To Crime

It would not be prudent at all to reveal the plot of this complicated action thriller as it involves a cop and thief chase drama across India m Nepoal and Thailand. Though Amyth Sethi and Dipanjjon Basak have performed well, the credit ought to go to the director for having taken good work out of seasoned character artistes like Mushtaq Khan and Gulshan Pandey in the roles of the Home Minister and the tough cop posted at Bangkok. Dipanjjon Basak is quite effective as the top cop Imran who has to strike a balance between his nagging wife and cute child and his job as a police officer. Ramesh Goyal seems to be miscast as the villain’s uncle who has settled down in Thailand. Music of the film by Pinaki Bose and Rohan Pathak is of first rate. Especially the soothing song by Kumar Sanu takes the cake. Brilliant

Mushtaq Khan , Syvendu Ghosh Sudeep Mukharji


by Arabindaand slick editing by Raj Singh Sindhu are exemplary and value to the film. Suvendra Ghosh has directed the film creditably but one wonders whether the film was originally shot in Bengali and dubbed in Hindi since most of the dialogues are in English and Bengali. The film is technically very sound and the director has a bright future. On the whole, the film which is worth seeing for its catchy locales and exciting stunts and the chases will find its own niche audiences as it does not boast of big stars in it though it is nevertheless watchable

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