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Movie Review: Chhal Kiya Kisne


Producer- A. Aman

Director- Raju Shreshtha

Star Cast- Prince Siddiqui , Arjun Dave , Raju Kher, Kareema, Aroon Bakshi, Mushtaq Khan and Tamanna Chavan

Genre- Thriller

Rating- **

Taut but predictable!

Jyothi Venkatesh

With this thriller, child star turned adult actor Raju Shreshtha turns a director for the first time. Though at the outset, the film has a tacky look about it, it is in fact a well written script by the director Raju himself about a corrupt photographer (Arjun Dave) who blackmails couples when they are making love in public places and squeezing money out of them. At home, he suspects his pretty and young wife and revels in torturing her and demanding sex every night.

The director sets out to introduce various characters to make the plot complex and what’s more to make it whodunit teaser. There is this security guy (Mushtaq Khan) who is voyeuristic and keeps looking for opportunities to glace through porn videos on his cell phone. One day when he is caught ogling at the photographer’s wife in the bathroom, he vows to teach the photographer a lesson.

There is a side plot of a greedy lady (Kareema) with a teenage son who is a drug addict. She is the young wife of the photographer’s old father who kills her husband in the hope that she would be able to inherit his property but is disappointed that her husband has bequeathed his will to his son and not left her any money.In anger hires a killer and asks him to kill her step son. Into this complex scenario, enters a Casanova who takes the photographer’s wife to bed one night to make love to her only to tell her the next day that he had bedded her to win a bet with his friends, but soon enough realizes that he is deeply in love with her and pleads with her to come back into her life. Then there is a ex army man neighbor who constantly is seen bickering with the photographer

The stage is set now for the climax of the film when the photographer is murdered and the needle of suspicion falls on almost every one who is connected to the plot, including the poor wife. How the investigating cop played by Raju Shreshtha himself nabs the culprit forms the crux of the plot.

As far as performances go, while Tamanna Chavan shows her curves, Kareema impresses in a negative role as the step mother of the photographer. Prince Siddique has been miscast as the friends of the photographer’s wife. Mushtaq Khan and Arron Bakshi are okay while Raju Kher is too loud for comfort as the servant. For a debut, Raju succeeds in making a taut film though it has unnecessary songs which dampen the slickness and also a predictable climax.

To sum up, the tacky low budgeted film will find the sailing tough in cities and multiplexes whereas it is a safe bet for the interiors

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