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Movie Review: Copy (Marathi)

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Producer-Ganesh Ramchandra Patil

Directors –Hemant Dhabade and Dayasagar Wankhede

Star Cast- Milind Shinde, Kamlesh Sawant, Anshuman Vichare and Anil Nagarkar, Jagannath Nivangune, Rohit Sonawane, Poonam Pandarinath Rane, Pratik Lad, Adnesh Madushingarkar & Shraddha Sawant



Sincere and Honest to the Core!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film exposes the corrupt state of affairs of the education system in rural Maharashtra. It deals with the poignant and shameful subject of teachers taking bribes to the step-motherly treatment of rural schools by education authorities, as a result of which the poor students who bear the brunt of it all. The students lack basic knowledge in subjects like Maths, English and Science but in order to get the grant from the authorities the powers that be who are at the helm of affairs at the school see to it that the students get 100 per cent marks in all the subjects and even allow the students to copy.

Copy looks at how some teachers put money before the welfare of students and how this ends up producing youngsters who are unaware of basics of education. Some scenes are impactful and deliver a strong message for teachers, students and parents. The film tries to look at an old issue in a new style but falters at times on account of its slow pace and repetitive treatment.

The three students played by Pratik Lad, Adnesh Madushingarkar & Shraddha Sawant from poor background have performed well, clearly showing their desire to take education in spite of financial constraints. Jagannath Nivangune and Anshuman Vichare render believable performances. Milind Shinde is not only natural but also very excellent in his negative character as the teacher who also runs a coaching class and poaches the teachers from the school where he is teaching. Good support comes from Kamlesh Sawant in the role of an upright education inspector. Music isn’t very engaging, but cinematography by Santonio Terzio is the best, covering the beautiful rural locations in and around Pen taluka area in Raigad district off Mumbai.

On the whole, in spite of its flaws, Copy is an attempt which is honest and deserves praises for the director duo who have set out to make a film without stars and have eschewed compromises on any count while telling the narrative truthfully, though the subject is not really novel as it has been tackled to death in several films earlier in Marathi as well as Hindi.

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