Movie Review: Daah- Ek Marmsparshi Katha

The film revolves around Disha (Sayali Sanjeev) daughter of Dr Sane (Girish Oak) and Mrs Sane (Radhika Vidyasagar), who is in the final year

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Movie Review: Daah- Ek Marmsparshi Katha

Producer- Aniket Rajkumar Badole

Director- Malhar Ganesh

Star Cast- Girish Oak, Radhika Vidyasagar, Sayali Sanjeev, Yatin Karyekar and Kishore Chougule

Genre- Social


Predictably Hackneyed!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film revolves around Disha (Sayali Sanjeev) daughter of Dr Sane (Girish Oak) and Mrs Sane (Radhika Vidyasagar), who is in the final year of medical college. Sameer Bhosle (Suhrud Wardekar), is a US-returned doctor. Both are in love with one another besides being childhood friends. Sameer's parents Mr Bhosle (Yatin Karyekar) and Mrs Bhosle (Uma Sardeshmukh) are also happy with this relationship and decide to get the two married, but just before the interval a huge contrived and melodramatic twist happens.

Disha`s sweet love story is affected adversely because of blind faith in society and other social issues create drama in her life, sabotaging her peace. Disha decides to work on uplifting the villagers with intense dedication. She strives for a ban on alcohol, proves to be a savior for an elderly couple stripped off emotional ties and fights single-handedly to erase blind-faith. She has to go through a lot while pursuing this but she doesn't give up and slowly and surely things start changing for the better, even as a personal turmoil awaits her when her mother realizes that her daughter is not her own flesh and blood but picked up from a temple and belonged to a different caste and decides to disown her for a fault which is not that of her.

Ultimately, she takes it upon herself to bring social reform in her small village in tandem with her classmates from her college so that other girls don`t have to suffer the same fate. Thankfully, the film reaches its logical conclusion when Disha’s mother is critically ill and the doctor tells Disha’s father that she needs kidney donor to save her life. Predictably the mother is saved by the kidney donated by her daughter and she has a change of mind and all’s well that ends well.

The talent of experienced artistes like Girish Oak and Uma Sardeshmukh is grossly wasted in this mundane and predictable exercise though both strive their best to give sensible performances. While Sayali Sanjeev is reasonably good as an actress, she is badly let down by amateur writing as well as handling of the plot by the director Malhar Ganesh, whose maiden venture is this film as a director. Suhrud Wardekar hardly has any tangible scene to own and is extremely disappointing with its one-dimensional role as well as acting. Kishore Chougule shows his prowess as a natural actor. Yatin Karyekar is good as usual while Uma Sardeshmukh is fairly average as a performer

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