Movie Review: Fairr In Love

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Producer: Ashutosh Mishra

Director: A.K.Mishra

Star Cast- Firoz Khan, Kanupriya Sharma, Ashwin Dhar and Dolly Arya

Genre: Social Drama

Rating- * (One)

Jaded and Obsolete!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Alpana (Kanupriya Sharma) falls in love with an Engineer Dev (Firoz Khan). Alpana and Dev get married against the wish of their families and settle in Goa.  Yash (Ashwin Dhar) the closest friend to Dev is a CBI officer. Although happily married , Alpana is dubbed an  infertile bitch etc for not begetting a child, because her husband has a low sperm count.  Alpana is harassed by almost everyone ranging from her mother, in-laws to her neighbors. Since Alpana and Dev are in love they never think about leaving each other, especially since her husband is quite supportive of her and loves her to the core.

Alpana involves herself in an NGO to pass her time and help the kids.On a dark night in the absence of her husband, Alpana gets raped and gets to know that she is pregnant. The circumstances are such, that she unwillingly has to accept the child or else her marriage could have been in danger since her in laws are against it, but she is still bent upon to find out the culprit. Will she be able to know the culprit? Will she succeed in getting justice? What will happen to the child? These are the questions the film sets out to pose.

First of all, the film has a flimsy and outdated plot and gives you not only a tacky feel but also completely obsolete reminding you of the 70’s. The less said about the screenplay the better. Though acting by Firoz Khan and Kanupriya are convincing, Ashwin Dhar and Dolly Arya fail to impress on any count. Direction by A.K. Mishra is very convoluting and lacks logic of any kind aided and abetted by an archaic script and predictable dialogues. Whatever flow is there is interrupted by songs which fail to keep you engrossed.

You can easily predict who the rapist is if you observe the shadow properly but why the rapist set out to rape the protagonist is not explained properly. On the whole, a film which is jaded and obsolete has very little chances to survive at the box office, especially as it has to clash with a film like Chichchore as its rival at the box office.

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