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Movie Review: Falsafa The Other Side

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Producer- V K Yadav

Director- Himanshu Yadav

Star Cast- Manit Joura, Geetanjali Singh, Ridhima Grover, Sunil Gulati

Genre- Action

Rating – *1/2

Confusing and Confounding!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The confusing and confounding film which is non linear revolves around  Aman’s (Manit Joura) parents who have been murdered and the guy is on a quest to seek revenge. On the other hand, Isha’s (Geetanjali Singh) father is also found dead in mysterious circumstances and she’s convinced that it’s a murder, plotted by her mother’s paramour and also sets out to search for the murderer. Both their quests intertwine their lives with each other, but sadly the love track has not been developed at all.

Manit Joura shows promise as an actor though he needs to work hard on his dialogue delivery. Geetanjali Singh hardly gets any scope in the film, to show off her prowess as an actor while Sumit Gulati‘s character can easily be dismissed. The plot has neither a head nor tail and ambles on and on and you are left wondering what the hell is actually happening on the screen. Sagar Bhatia has scored music which is lilting while the background music provided by Shantanu Sudame is just appropriate.

Editing is very lop-sided while direction by Himanshu Yadav leaves a lot to be desired as he fails to put across what exactly he wants to convey with his insipid direction. Though the film drives home the subtle message that revenge is a situation that will create more graveyards and less paradise and spilled blood and corpses can never be an answer to a human loss, the way the wafer thin plot has been handled actually lulls you to slumber. To sum up, Falsafa : The Other Side is a film that ought to be avoided. Watch the film only if you are suffering from insomnia, not otherwise.

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