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Movie Review: Jacqueline I Am Coming


Producer- Manjesh Giri

Director- Banty Dubey

Star Cast-Raghubir Yadav, Kiran D Patil, Diiva Dhanoya and Shakti Kumar


Rating- **1/2

Gut Wrenching!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film revolves around the one line story of how a 40-year-old PWD employee Kashi Tewary (Raghuvir Yadav) stumbles upon a poor local beauty Jacqueline (Diiva Dhanoya) at a church and is instantaneously drawn towards her. Sadly, like most love-at-first-sight stories, this one, too, has its fair share of obstacles to overcome. With no family support at all to fall back on, Kashi’s life as a bachelor is woefully empty bereft o love and affection. When he bumps into Jacqueline at a local church gathering in their hometown Agra, he instantly realizes that she is the one. The film is an emotional heart rending saga of how love can succeed and triumph to any extent in the commercial ridden world today where money scores over everything else.

It is Ragubir Yadav who is the scene stealer of the film, with his sensitive and power packed portrayal of the lovelorn Kashi Tewari with aplomb. Diiya Dhanoya sports the typical abla bechari nari look which her character demands and is passable though she could have acted still better. The film brilliantly stirs up a plethora of emotions in the viewer as it glides through the upheavals in the life of Kashi, who even embraces Christianity in his eagerness to marry the woman he loves.

Though the film will wring every one’s heart when one sets out to watch it, unfortunately one doubts whether it will be able to sail through at the box office successfully because it will fail to relate to the youth of today as it is set in rural area and the story is too obsolete to resonate with each and every viewer though one should concede that it is a sincere effort in the first place. Music is exemplary and lingers long after you walk out of the theatre. Go see it, if you are a freak for good old love stories.

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