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Movie Review: Kirket


Producers-R.K. Jalan, Sonu Jha and Vishal Tiwari

Director- Yogendra Singh

Star Cast- Kirti Azad, Sonam Chhabra, Sonu Jha and Saifullah Rahmani

Genre- Social

Rating- **

Hard hitting Satire!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film Kirket revolves around the story of how one man, single-handedly changed the state of the Bihar Cricket Board for good, and gave the sport a major boost in the state. The first thing that strikes you about this film, which seems to have been made on a lean budget is that there is a lot of murky politics behind selection of players whether it is for cricket or for that matter boxing as far as India is concerned.

The best thing about the small budgeted film is that the director has touched on the sensitive subject of caste-based and religious politics that have continued to affect the rise of the game in Bihar in the film and Kirti Azad’s continuous efforts to boost the game of cricket in Bihar and how he was sidelined by the political bigwigs unflinchingly.

Kirti Azad plays himself with aplomb and faces the camera as an actor adroitly for the frits time while Sonu Jha and Sonam Chhabra also acquit themselves creditably, especially Sonam Chhabra, who plays the role of the TV reporter who changes sides with the ease of a chameleon. Though most of the actors in the film fit in their parts with conviction, the film tends to drag on and on and the audiences tend to get bored thanks to lack of skilful editing and tacky detailing.Kudos to director Yogendra Singh who has set out to tackle the subject of caste based religious politics that is the root cause of the progress of the game of cricket in Bihar over the years.

The film may find the sailing tough because of the lack of known faces but may find some following in Bihar as it projects the state of Bihar and how the state has lacked facilities because of the ongoing political and caste ears over the years.

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