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Movie Review: Lafange Nawab

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Producers – Arpit Awasthi , Mahi Anand, Namita Chakraborty

Director – Sanoj Mishra

Star Cast- Robin Sohi ,Ritam Bhardwaj, Ratan Rathaur,Manoj Bakshi, Larissa Chakz and Nisha Shrivastav


Rating-** (Two)


Jyothi Venkatesh

The plot revolves around Yug (Robin Sohi) and his businessman father, who wants his son to be his successor but Yug has a musical band with his 4-5 friends who play at small events which his father considers to be trivial. He insists Yug to join his business and leave the band as he feels that his friends are with him till he has money and fame. To teach him a lesson his father plans a fake murder of Ammie (Larissa Chakz) who lives at their house. He tells him (Yug) that in the process of cleaning the pistol he accidently murders Ammie and asks him to dispose of the dead body with the help of his friends. But none of his friends come forward to help them and finally they both dispose the body. His father asks him to check the dead body of Ammie again.

When he checks the sack bag, there is a dummy instead of Ammie’s body. His father then reveals the truth that he created a fake murder scene to realize him about his fake friends. Yug apologizes his father and they return home. As soon as they reach home they find that someone has informed the police. Yug’s father tries to convince them it is a wrong news but when the police take them to the murder spot, they find Ammie’s dead body and Singhania is arrested. How Yug acquits himself and finds out the real culprit forms the crux of the plot.

It is a contrived plot and there is hardly any drama till the interval. The editor ought to have edited the film sharply to let your interest sustain in the film. While Robin Sohi does a fair job. Larissa Chakz’s character seems to have not been developed well and is half baked though for a debut she has done her part well. Ratan Rathaur and Manoj Bakshi have small roles but are good while Nisha Shrivastav is above average. Ali Faisal’s music is melodious. There is nothing novel as far as the story is concerned. Sanoj Mishra is handicapped with a knee jerk script by Abid Husain and as such the film will work only in interiors and the urban audiences may be put off by it in a big way by this insipid thriller.

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