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Movie Review: Lal Batti (Marathi)

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Producer- Santosh Sonawdekar

Director- Girish Mohite

Star Cast- Mangesh Kadam, Tejas, Bhargavi Chirmule, Ramesh Wani, Manoj Joshi, Chhaya Kadam and Meera Joshi

Genre- Social

Rating- ***

Watchable Tale!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Based on a real story which unfolds the personal life of the police personnel Ganesh Dhangde, who was reunited with his mother after 24 years based on a tattoo on his arm, this film is watchable .The film which dwells at length about a real life incident which had occurred in Thane tells you about how the Maharashtra government had formed a QRT (Quick Response Team) after the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai that shook the country and laid bare the lack of training and experience of the city police to tackle such a situation. The team consisted of a few highly trained commandos equipped with the latest arsenal and assigned to respond quickly to a crisis in future.

Girish Mohite’s Laal Batti sets out to deal with a team headed by inspector Pawar (Mangesh Desai). The best thing about the film is that its narrative is split into two halves and there is also a noticeable tonal shift after the intermission.

Except for Mangesh Desai, Bhargavi Chirmule and Ramesh Wani, the film has predominantly new faces in the main lead roles. While Mangesh Desai lives his role effortlessly as the top cop, Bhargavi Chirmule supports him ably in her role as his wife. Ramesh Wani impresses the viewers with a well etched performance, while Manoj Joshi and Chhaya Kadam have hardly any role worth mentioning. New comer Tejas fails to impress with his la ck of emotions and appears to be bland most of the time

Director Girish Mohite who is a war veteran in the Marathi film industry does not let his viewers down and spins a yarn and displays his command over his craft. Laal Batti is a well-made drama, which also boasts of several one single 20 second shot takes, which is a rare feat in a Marathi film.

Definitely Teen Batti stands off as a different film which lays emphasis on content which is break-through in every way but what weighs against the film is the fact that there is hardly any dose of entertainment in the entire film, with the songs merely being fillers which do not contribute to the flow of the story in any way

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