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Movie Review: Laughter Ke Chapter

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Producer: Kishor Savlani

Director: Jabir Ali

Genre: Satire

Star Cast: Aryan Singh,Saheba Pirani ,Mushtak Khan ,Birbal, Nerendra Bedi , Raju Shereshta , Ashfak Safi, K.T. Anand Rao ,Tayyab Malik  and Sarim Rajput

Rating: * (One)

Torturous To the Core!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Right from the first frame till the last, it is a film which succeeds in torturing you to death, with a so called plot that has absolutely no beginning or end and is a fantasy involving what happens when the dreaded robber Gabbar Singh meets smuggler Veerappan with his gang comprising of Kalia and Sambha. Also intertwined in the ridiculous plot is a love story between these two gangsters, which is laced with more of a comedy twist than romance.

Though the makers promise that their film is a continuous laugh riot of the first order, in reality it only ends up murdering the sensibility of the poor cine goers with its actors going overboard with loud acting and not so subtle dialogues which torture you to the core.  The film begins with a writer and producer approaching Raju Shreshtha to ask him to narrate the plot for a film which they want to make as they have amassed 50 crores and Raju starts narrating the plot to them which starts unfolding as the film in front of your eyes.

Though the film has a running time of only 106 minutes, you wonder when it is going to end because the editor Azeem Pasha has not made it slick enough to hold your attention from the first till the last frame. As far as direction of thy film is concerned, al that I can say is that Jabir Ali fails to make it interesting with a linear plot and only lets the film meander from the beginning to end.

Whether it is Aryan Singh or for that matter Saheba Pirani, or seasoned actors like Birbal and Mushtaq Khan, who play the Inspector and the bumbling cops who set out in search of the robber Gabbar Singh and his gang, who in turn are in search of a treasure which is unearthed in the garden of a bungalow each and every actor in the film only hams to the core and make you tear your hair apart with his or her loud brand of acting. To sum up, this film has to be seen to know to what extent a film can be extremely bad and tacky to the core.

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