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Movie Review: Life Mein Time Nahin Hai Kisi Ko



Director-Manoj Sharma

Star Cast-Rajnish Duggal, Krushna Abhishek, Yuvika Chaudhary, Shakti Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav, Govind Namdev, Himani Shivpuri , Tiku Talsania and Anjan Srivastav

Genre- Comedy

Rating- **

Coarse Rib tickler

Jyothi Venkatesh

The basic premise of this hilarious film is how inadvertently a death is caused in the family after the heir of the family opts to go in for an inter caste marriage in town. In short, the film sets out to tell the profound truth that in today’s times, no one in any family has any time for others  and everyone is an island by his or her own. The film which hardly has any story line also deals with the perils of the generation gap today.

While Rajnish Duggal plays the elder brother who opts to marry Yuvika Chaudhary who is a Gujarati, younger brother Krishna Abhishek is a do gooder good for nothing lad of the family who tries to keep the family united. While Anjan Srivastav is the patriarch of the family, Govind Namdev and Shakti Kapoor play his two righteous sons who literally dote on their old father.

While Govind Namdeo excels in his role, Shakti Kapoor for a change plays a good character with aplomb. Krishna Abhishek is superb and at times even goes overboard with his brand of comedy. The biggest trouble with the film is that it has far too many characters for us to keep track of them and they pop in at different stages during the film. Himani Shivpuri has been wasted in an inane role while Rajpalo Yadav pops in and out of the film without any appropriate role as such. It is nice to see Tiku Talsania resurfacing after a long time on the screen, this time as the Gujarati father of Yuvika Chaudhary

The film manages to get a lot of chuckles from the audiences but the writing tends to be very mundane with the jokes falling flat occasionally when the writing fails badly, with almost each and every character screaming loudly that too on top of their voices and also hamming to their heart’s content happily.

On the whole, though the film is not great shakes, with good hummable music and great production values going in its favor, the film is good enough to drive away all your blues and can safely sail in C centers in single screens

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