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Movie Review: Love Shots

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Producer- Madjag Films

Director- Prithviraj Oberoi

Star Cast- Anvita Rai, Ravneet Singh, Sudha Chandran, Rajesh Puri, Shashank Sharma, Rohan Anand, Reyna Vashishth and Pushpa Varma




Jyothi Venkatesh

There used to be times when on attaining the age of 16 or 17 years boys and girls used to observe hormonal changes in themselves accompanied by the onslaught of strange pre-puberty thoughts in their minds and it was a norm that boys and girls should maintain a safe distance from each other. But, these days, at the age of 10 or 11 youngsters get to know everything that used to take years or sometimes a whole lot of youth for those generations to explore their sexuality. Anvita (Anvita Rai) too is a girl of ultra-modern times.

Despite knowing all, she decides to keep herself away from the mystical world of sex (physical intimacy) till marriage. But she is unable to maintain the status for long and encounters a situation at the age of 20 or 21 years when she can’t keep her decision to maintain celibacy. Anvita marries when a young salon owner Ravneet Singh proposes to her but when they come to know that Anvita is carrying a child due to promiscuousness earlier, she has to pay a penalty for her action.

As far as performances go, Anvita does seem to be a promising new comer but is burdened with a role which is very mature for her age. Ravneet’s character is half baked in the sense that he tells Anvita that he does not want to hear anything about her past since he is only interested in their present and future together, he throws a fit when she tells him that she is pregnant from her earlier encounter.

While Rajesh Puri proves his mettle in a small role which otherwise does not allow him to explore his talent, Sudha Chandran is a misfit in a role which h is neither comical nor serious and disappoints us as we expect a lot more from the talented actress. Pushpa Verma hardly has any scene as Rajesh Puri’s wife. Love Shots which has soothing and lilting music composed by Dev Hazarika and Samuel Paul, however fails to titillate as the title of the film by itself is misleading and the audiences will be disappointed.

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