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Movie Review: Luv U Turn


Producers- Sandip Varma and Anand Thakor

Director- Harish Raut

Star Cast- Adhvik Mahajan, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Purva Rana and Ruhi Chaturvedi

Genre- Romance


 Interesting in Parts and worth watching

 Jyothi Venkatesh

 Ishika (Purva Rana) is a carefree girl who is living her dream phase of life, her steady relationship with Sahej (Adhvik Mahajan) has made her realize the importance of having true love and deciding to take the relationship to the next level, but Sahej being in IT sector has its own pressure and the times he wants to spend with him is always taken up by the extra hours he give to his work, only creating confusion and doubt about their marriage plans. Sahej plans a business come escape holiday to Bangkok and Pattaya for two weeks which his company has asked to go but he takes Ishika with him so after his work they can get the quality time they are missing.

 After arriving in Bangkok as usual Sahej’s work takes priority and he forgets the isolation ishika is facing without him on this trip.On chatting online Ishika finds that her best friend Shrutia (Ruhi Chaturvedi) a fashion model is on shoot in Pattaya and she asks Ishika to join her together so they have a rocking time. After Sahej affirms ishika goes to Pattaya and joins Shruti and when on shoot she is introduces her to the fashion photographer Ronik who happens to be her ex lover in college having the first love and all the memories of the past starts haunting Ishika but suddenly with Ronik reaction as a stranger towards Ishika makes her realize past is over and she is living in the present and she is happy. To know who gets whom, you have to see the film.

 While Ruslaan Mumtaz is good as Ronik and renders a sterling performance, Adhvik Mahajan scores with his presence. Purva Rana is good while Ruhi Chaturvedi is able to show various shades of love and lust. The USP of the film are the picturesque locations where it is shot as well as the melodious musical score by Hitesh Modak, Prem Anand and Puneet Dixit. The film moves at a snail’s pace half way through  and you are confused as a viewer who is in love with whom and when and how love takes a U Turn. The editing ought to have been crisper to keep the interest sustained.

 Harish Raut proves that he is adept at handling emotional as well as romantic sequences but is careful enough not to let vulgarity or sleaze creep in and ensures that though it deals with love and lust, the film does not set out to titillate. Though the story is interesting, the screenplay fails to whip up the appetite of the viewers as it keeps on meandering and there is not enough of drama in the film to merit a second viewing. Yet the film is interesting in parts and worth watching at least once.

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