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Movie Review: Main Zaroor Aaunga

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Producer- Mahendra Singh Namdev

Director- Chandrakant Singh

Star Cast- Arbaz Khan, Vikas Verma, Aindrita Ray, Hemant Pandey and Vineet Sharma

Genre- Thriller

Rating- **

Cliché-ridden dialogues and predictable Plot!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Rich and not-so-flamboyant Husband Yash Malhotra (Arbaaz Khan) is shocked when he catches red handed his pretty and young wife Lisa (Aindrita Ray) cheating on him with her lover photographer Peter (Vikas Verma).The discovery leads to a horrifying conspiracy, with the wife and the lover plotting the death of the poor husband. Main Zaroor Aaunga, promises Yash, and strange communications from the paranatural world or so it seems, begin to haunt all the accomplices. Flashbacks, blended with the predictable nightmare scenes, makes you wonder what’s scarier – the plot or the horror inducing scenes in the film juxtaposed with the beautiful snow capped mountains in Switzerland.

Though to his credit, Chandrakant Singh has come up with a film which does not look like a typical horror film, the plot is not very original and has been shot on a lavish budget. The screenplay leaves a  lot to be desired and looks like a lot of scenes have just been sewed together to make an impact

While Arbaz Khan does not bother to stretch his emotive muscles in the film and fails to rise above the script, Aindrita Ray fails to register emotions and has hardly any dialogue because every time she sets out to tell something , whether her husband or her lover shuts her mouth by smothering her with lip to lip sensuous kisses. Hemant Pandey impresses in a role that is alien to him since he is not typed as a comic buffoon for a change while Govind Namdev impresses you with his skills as a detective. The less said about Vikas Verma the better. He plays the lover boy and while he is good on bed cavorting with someone else’s wife, he doesn’t get at all to express his emotions while Vineet Sharma  who is otherwise a good actor has just been wasted in an extremely  half baked role.

On the whole, the best thing about the film is that it has pleasant cinematography besides the fact that it is just about an hour and a half long. Main Zaroor Aaunga has not only a predictable plot but also cliché ridden dialogues which induce more laughter than horror and fails to thrill you

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