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Movie Review: Marudhar Express

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Producer- Raj Khushwaha

Director- Vishal Mishra

Star Cast- Kunaal Roy Kapoor, Tara Alisha Berry, Rajesh Sharma

Genre- Social


Slice of Drama!

Jyohi Venkatesh

After directing two controversial films, ‘Coffee with D’ and ‘Hotel Milan’, director Vishal Mishra has now brought a small-town love story, ‘Marudhar Express’ to the big screen. Marudhar (Kunaal Roy Kapoor), an introverted soul who is based in Kanpur suffers from the worst kind of low self-esteem and the naive man who lacks experience in dealing with women, lives his life under the rule of his tyrant and over sexually alert father, played by Rajesh Sharma. Hilarity ensues when Marudhar’s widower father, who has not lost his zest for living life with a gay abandon, fixes his marriage with a lively happy go lucky modern young girl Chitra (Tara Alisha Berry). To put it in a nut shell, the plot revolves around a naive, indecisive boy who sets out to venture into the many phases of his seemingly ordinary, mundane and also mediocre life, and manage to transform into a conniving man – cruel enough to get things done his way.

Though the film begins on a tepid note and you are introduced to the dull and fat young man Marudhar, who is a virgin who does not even hold a hand’s girl, the pace starts picking up when Chitra’s character is unfolded in the film and there is some life. Rajesh Sharma also to a large extent contributes to the humor in the film with his flirtatious womanizing character. What saves the film is both Kunaal’s seamless performance and Tara Alisha Berry’s layered performance as the girl who tries to change her almost sissy and introverted husband into a normal husband. The rest of the actors overact with impunity thus failing to rise above the already half-baked script.

Vishal Mishra has a knack to explore the forbidden territory and he does not leave a chance here to tackle homosexuality too when we see Kunaal realize that his wife Chitra had been dating a gay guy only to dump him after knowing his sexuality, Vishal with the right amount of sensitivity also tackles the subject of how an arranged marriage couple comes under the pressure of childbirth right after they are wedded and how they set out to tackle it.

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