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Movie Review: Nashibvaan (Marathi)


Producers- Amit Naresh Patil, Vinod Manohar Gaikwad, Mahendra Gangadhar Patil and Vidhi Kasliwal

Director- Amol Gole

Star Cast -Bhau Kadam, Neha Joshi, Mitali Jagtap, Atul Aaglave and Rajesh Shringarpure

Genre- Social

Rating- ***

A Family Entertainer!

Jyothi Venkatesh

A municipal sweeper by profession, Babanrao (Bhau Kadam) lives a mundane life and barely manages to bring home an income for the family consisti ng of his wife and two kids. He struggles with his mundane life, which includes cleaning some of the filthiest places. However, events take an interesting turn when he accidentally uncovers in the wake of demonetization, an astounding stash of cash. Will Baban’s luck stand by him? Or will he find himself deserted by his newfound wealth? This forms the crux of the simple story which abounds with a lot of twists and turns.

The film is Amol Gole’s directorial debut. He has been a cinematographer in a number of well-known films like Stanley Ka Dabba, Ha Bharat Maza, Investment, Elizabeth Ekadashi and Rangaa Patangaa, which he also produced. It is the kind of rags to riches tale that does not bore you though it is predictable and sets out to drive home the message that greed is bad and makes you leave the theatres after the film is over with satisfaction, clamoring for more.

Bhau Kadam literally steals the show in the title role with élan and aplomb and proves that though he has always been cast in supporting roles, here’s one actor who can carry the entire film on his own shoulders with effortless ease. Mitali Jagtap is also superb in the role of his nagging wife, while Rajesh Shringarpure is passable as the corrupt cop.

Both cinematography as well as direction by Amol Gole is of the first order. Though it is Amol’s debut as a director, has done a commendable work. Though the film becomes repetitive at times half way through, Amol succeeds in making it with a faster pace especially after the interval.

To sum up, Nashibvaan is a film which is out and out an entertainer that you can see with your family’

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